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Donations to the Ithacan Philanthropic Society or the Ithacan Historical Society are gratefully accepted.

Donations to the Ithacan Philanthropic Society support a range of activities including the publication of the Odysseus Newspaper, educational awards and scholarships, relief funds, local charities and initiatives to assist Ithaca.  

Donations to the Ithacan Historical Society assist in building and maintaining the historical collection. By supporting our historical society you are helping to ensure future generations are able to learn about the history of the Ithacan community of Melbourne and Victoria. 

Donations to the Archive Ithaki assist in the preservation and maintenance of the historical Archive Ithaki.  The records held by the archive located in Vathi Ithaca, many of which date back to the 1500s, are considered unique compared to records held in much of the rest of Greece. The Archive Ithaki Fund, esablished in 1994, is managed by the Ithacan Historical Society. 


Honouring loved ones: Making a donation to either the IPS or IHS is also a special way of honouring a loved one who has passed away. If making a donation ‘In Memory’ please indicate details on the donation form.

To make a donation please download and complete the relevant Donation form:

Ithacan Philanthropic Society donation form 

Ithacan Historical Society donation form  

Ithacan Archive Fund - Donations are welcome for the Ithacan Archive Fund, established and managed by the Ithacan Historical Society to assist in the conservation and promotion of the historical archive in Ithaca.