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Lahos, one of several small villages that comprise Platrithia, is nestled in a valley between Agious Saranta and Frikes, with views of the surrounding mountains.  To experience the rustic charm of Lahos one should stroll beyond the main road and explore its picturesque back streets.  Although there have been new homes built since the catastrophic earthquakes of 1953, on Οδός Πηνελόπη (Penelope Street) one can still find beautiful Venetian style homes and lovely stone cottages, many of which have been lovingly restored.  Taking the back road to Yefiri at Platrithia you experience the scents and sounds of the natural environment and during the wetter months the Kouroukli Creek can be heard flowing.  The walking tracks from Lahos to Stavros and Limnes, once short cuts for the locals, are now overgrown.  In the past Lahos had a general store which was also the meeting place for the locals.  However over time, like many of the neighbouring villages, the permanent resident population has been in decline leading to the demise of the local store.  In summer the village comes to life with the return of families from Athens and Patras as well as Ithacans of diaspora.

Lahos watermill